​Redefining luxury, Club Moolia is home to world-class attractions and an amalgamation of trophy assets from all around the world. Located within an hour’s drive from Perth’s downtown and the international airport, the secured facility maintains the highest level of privacy for all members.

The one-of-a-kind country club that features a Formula-One inspired driving circuit, the only Crystal Lagoons® in Australia, and a first-class sports academy for golf, tennis, racing, and basketball is creating ripples in the world of luxury. Complementing these robust athletic facilities are club lounges, private suites, a luxurious wellness spa, and a private drive-in theatre.

1201 Mooliabeenee Road

Bindoon, WA 6502


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7 Temasek Boulevard #20-02

Suntec Tower One

Singapore 038987

Dream Race, Club Moolia’s cutting-edge driving circuit, is created to surpass international standards and equipped with advanced safety systems. Presenting high-grip engineered asphalt, the track can withstand the intense shear force of challenging “S” turns, quick kink corners before passing zones, 180-degree hairpin turns, and plenty of extended straights.

AUGUST 9, 2020

The founders had a clear vision of targeting the high-end, and the end product speaks for itself. There is no better location in the Asia Pacific or anywhere else in the world to create the ultimate automotive, sports, and entertainment experience for our privileged members.


Harmonizing with Club Moolia’s Dream Race is the Athlete’s Academy, which features multiple basketball and tennis courts equipped with full video analysis capabilities on the immaculate training grounds. The academy is wholly dedicated to sports excellence, with challenging competitions, specialized nutrition, technical programs, expert coaching, and performance analysis.

Advanced ball-tracing technology revolutionizing the world of golf is not to be missed at Club Moolia. With challenging and addictive games delivered through a user-friendly interface, the Inrange® designed facility provides precision on high-definition touchscreens powered by ultra-sensitive radar sensors and advanced tracking algorithms.

AUGUST 10, 2020

A private ‘F1’ track, luxury accommodation, and hi-tech golf facilities? Yes please. Enter Club Moolia, an exclusive new member’s club set to features a formula one-inspired driving circuit alongside Australia’s first Crystal Lagoons – that is, a Dubai-style watery wonderland.


While beachgoers flock to Margaret River and Scarborough each weekend to catch a glimpse of serenity, many residents and visitors have been perturbed by dangerous sea creatures, including killer white sharks and deadly box jellyfish. Crystal Lagoons® is the direct response to these needs and is 100% committed to the well-being of all its members. Speaking of environmental sustainability, Crystal Lagoons® is Australia’s first and only pure turquoise lagoon with sustainable features that use 100 times less chemicals and 2% of the energy required by conventional swimming pool filtration. Members can engage in high-octane sports including kayaking and paddle-boarding or bask in privacy and wholesome tranquility along the white sandy beaches.

If the intense action is not your forte, Club Moolia invites you to world class club lounges with chandeliered high ceilings and gleaming marble-clad floors as you rest on custom-made furniture surrounded by limited edition art creations by Paul Oz. Be enthralled by the intricately-designed and spacious private suites, with inviting living areas incorporating various technological elements, whilst staying in touch with nature through the floor-to-ceiling windows providing panoramic views of the Crystal Lagoons® and the club’s lush surroundings.

AUGUST 21, 2020

They searched the entire world before they discovered a destination in Perth to create the ultimate automotive, sports, and entertainment experience. Elevate your club experience and bask in the club’s service excellence. You can unwind with family and friends, indulge in an array of culinary delights, or settle into a quiet corner.

While all of this has been ideas floated in the past, very few clubs can engage members fully and understand their needs as we do. “In the luxury club segment, differentiating yourself from the rest of the competition is crucial. From the club’s user-friendly mobile application to the technology embedded in each of the facilities, we are looking to create an experience like none other. We want to hire only the finest service ambassadors, and make sure that everyone is treated courteously from the time they arrive,” Ronald explained when asked about taking on the Mooliabeenee project. The leadership team has extensive experience in creating luxury lifestyles internationally, having worked with entities including One Degree 15 and Pure Projects, while developing successful growth strategies at McKinsey & Company and Boston Consulting Group.


“We searched the entire world before we discovered a destination in Perth to create the ultimate automotive, sports, and entertainment experience,” Ronald says. Perth is fast transforming into a hub for entertainment and luxury living, boasting sunny days and experiential vineyards, Aboriginal art, winding portside streets, and museums all at once. Perth is also home to Australia’s wealthiest and oldest families residing in “Australia’s Monaco.”


Club Moolia will offer limited memberships costing $30,000 to $100,000 apiece. Each member can invite family, colleagues, or clients to enjoy the club experience. Memberships are strictly limited to 600 individuals and corporate entities.

WEBSITE | www.clubmoolia.com

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